5 Steps to Building the Perfect Gift Box

Building gift boxes is our passion but where do you start if you're building your own?

1. Pick a theme

Picking a theme is the most important step when it comes to putting together a great gift box.  It's the simplest way to make sure your gift is thoughtful and cohesive.  Keep your recipient in mind as you think through themes so the gift reflects their personality.  Are they all about self care these days?  Looking for ways to entertain themselves at home? Day dreaming about the next place they'll travel?  Theme options are endless!

2. Choose your presentation

We use boxes but there are many different ways to present a gift.  Baskets and tins are great options that can be repurposed by the recipient. 

3. Pair items that go together

Create a well rounded gift by including products from multiple categories that pair well together.  For example, some mulling spices and a mug or loose leaf tea and an infuser.  This is especially important if you're including something that needs another product in order to be used.

4. Get organized

Once you have everything for your gift, spend some time getting it organized.  You want your items to look presentable when your recipient opens it!  We use crinkle cut paper to cushion and keep our items in place.

5. Don't forget the finishing touch!

While our boxes don't come wrapped, we always add a twine bow around the box as a finishing touch. That small extra step makes the gift look polished and complete.